Truth Matters
Monday, May 20, 2019
In search of truth ...

A Diagram

I don't know about you, but I'm a visual learner.  When things are put in picture or illustration form, well, that's a good thing!  The diagram below has helped thousands better understand the tie truth foundations has to practical living.

General Idea




  Behavior, Doing

We ACT according to
belief--one that includes
both creed and
^  ^  ^


conviction.  Webster's
Dictionary definition of
this word emphasizes

  Conviction; Passion

both aspects of belief.
BUT, how does one
construct a general
^  ^  ^

  Creed; Doctrine

belief system or
specific view on a
particular issue?
   Information Sources
  This is a huge

Actions flow from beliefs that are formed by knowledge methods. 
It's really all contingent upon


It's these Truth Foundations that serve as authoritative sources that we rely upon to come to our own construct of belief.  But what are these sources, how good are these sources, and, well, you know the crucial question that follows if you've read the "Good Questions" page.

For a more complete foundation sufficient and worthy of embrace, visit Truth Foundations for a brief summary of a foundation of truth second to none.  Seriously!  But there are additional questions,  Good Questions  to further ponder at this juncture.